Kabbalat Shabbat

The International Kiddush Club has been hosting a series of Kabbalat Shabbat services with our friends from the Cantors Assembly.



The very first International Kiddush Club Shabbat video from July, 2011!



Shabbas is Near, about the IKC's anthem!
The niggun, “Shabbas is Near” was written by the very talented Hazzan Randy Newman in 2011 for the International Kiddush Club at the FJMC International Convention in Costa Mesa, CA. Randy was “commissioned” by Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi to create the words and music, and the costs were covered by donations from the following families:
Bob & Bonnie Braitman, Steve (Z-L) & Chellie Davidoff, David & Judy Goldis, Allan & Caren Gottesman, Stan & Vanessa Greenspan, Rob and Carolyn Kantor, Steve (Z-L) & Donna Krodman, Ed & Debbie Margolis, Mike & Shirley Mills, Alex & Linda Romano, Myles & Gale Simpson, Ernie Smolen (Z-L), Tom & Michelle Sudow, Joe & Debbie Swerdlow, Irwin & Janet Tobin



For the week of April 9, 2021, with the dynamic duo of Hazzan Jason Green for the International Kiddush Club's Quarantine Friday series on April 9, 2021.
We thank our sponsors! Irwin Harris and family is sponsoring in honour of the 5th yartzheit of his mother, Shirley Harris Lang. May the Neshama have an aliyah, and good memories to the Harris family.



For the week of April 2, 2021, our class with Rabbi Sean Gorman and abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat with Hazzan Zach Mondrow, for the International Kiddush Club's Quarantine Friday series on April 2 2021.
Sponsored Steve Baturin, "for the joy of Pesach and Shabbat. Dayenu." Chag Sameach-wishing you a joyous Pesach.
Chuck and Marsha Bernstein "We want to sponsor this week in honor of our 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday, April 4."
David and Marnie Kaplan, “Alex, I'll take 68 for Why That Number? The answer is, "What wandering Jew turns 68 on Friday?" And I'll take 2 for the same topic, Why That Number? The answer is, "Who is getting his 2nd vaccine on his 68th birthday?"



For the week of March 26, 2021, with the dynamic duo of Hazzan Ben Matis and Hazzan Zach Mondrow, for the International Kiddush Club's Quarantine Friday series on March 26, 2021.
Sponsored by Fern and Eric Weis and family, honouring the "memory of Fern's mom, of blessed memory, Eudice Levine Gersten (aka Yospeh Perel bat Chayim v’ Michlah). Mom died last year on Sunday April 7, equivalent to 13 Nisan 5780 – just the day before Pesah 5780. Friday, March 26, 2021, was the first yahrzeit of her death (13 Nisan 5781) Eudice was a blessing to our family. May her memory be a blessing to all of my friends, and may her neshama have an Aliyah Gadolah.



For the week of March 19, 2021, we asked Hazzan Jesse Holzer of Jacksonville, FL
Sponsored by Stan, Vanessa, Nikki & Jessie Greenspan, honouring the 9th yartzhiet on 8 Nisan of Stan's mother, Ruth Greenspan. Known to one and all as "Boba" she enjoyed the 2 IKC/FJMC conventions she attended and all the friends she made. She always spoke very highly of FJMC members and would invite many to Shabbat dinner while she was in Florida for the winter. May her neshama have an aliyah, and good memories to all who knew Boba!



For the week of March 12, 2021, we asked Hazzan Sarah Levine of Nashville, TN
David Weil of Anshe Emet in Chicago is sponsoring on his mother, Marlene Weil's first yahrzeit on March 12.
Thank you to David and his lovely wife Cantor Naomi Weiss, may the neshama have an aliyah, and good memories to all who knew Marlene!



For the week of March 5, 2021, we asked Hazzan Paula Pepperstone of Wichita KA
This is a first, Peter Gotlieb is sponsoring for hugs! (Pete, any time you want, let me know, I’m sure that there are dozens who would give you a hug, I’ll be right at the front of the line)
"Looking forward to celebrating my birthday this weekend and sending in another IKC sponsorship donation in honor of the occasion (which, now that I'm vaccinated, will hopefully include some grandson hugs for the first time in over a year if their parents allow)."
And the second, our “birthday boy" from last week, and his lovely wife Estelle, are sponsoring in honour of the Bar Mitzvah on Shabbat of their GREAT-grandson, Ryan Serota which will take place in Denver. Jerry tells us this is his second GREAT-Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah, MAZAL TOV!



For the week of February 26, 2021, we asked Hazzan Paula Pepperstone of Wichita KA
Sponsors this week:
The friends of Jerry Agrest on his 23 1/4 birthday!



For the week of February 19, 2021, we asked Hazzan Jonathan Kohan, Head of the Cantorial School at the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano / Marshall T. Meyer Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires and cantor at Asociación Israelita de Beneficencia - Kehilá Rosario, Argentina
Sponsors this week:
The friends of Jonathan Waxman, wishing him a speedy recovery from his recent surgery!
Barnet Coltman, of Etz Chaim Marietta Ga Mens Club on the 10th anniversary of his daughter's Yahrzeit, Eve Lorrie Greenstein - Chava bas Elke on Monday Feb 22. May the neshama have an aliyah.



For the week of February 12, 2021, we asked Hazzan David Propis of Congregation Shaarey Zedek, in Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Sponsors this week:
Sarrae Crane & Rabbi Jonathan Waxman on their 15th wedding anniversary.
Refuah Shelama to Jonathan who fell on the ice and broke his ankle this week.
The second is our friend Mike Greenberg who says “in honor of my 70th Birthday (yes, I was born the same day as honest Abe Lincoln!) and the two year anniversary of my book publication- "Tables Turned on Them-Jews Guarding Nazi POWs Held in the United States."
MAZAL TOV Mike, on both significant events!



For the week of February 5, 2021, we asked Cantor Penny Myers, from Buffalo, NY.
Penny shares a podcast with fellow Cantor Matt Axelrod, "Two Cantors Walk Into a Bar"
Sponsors this week:
Barbara & Michael Freilich on the yartzheit of Michael’s mother, Tirtzah Bat Natan v Golda, on Feb 2 & 3, Barbara’s grandmother, Sara bat Sara on Friday night,
Vanessa & Stan Greenspan on the yartzheit of Stan’s bubbie, Fraidle bat r’ Shrug Fival, on Tuesday of next week, 27 Shvat
Marsha & Charles Bernstein, for Chuck's father's 25th yahrzeit, Chaim Ze'ev ben Kalman.
May all the neshamot have aliyot!



For the week of January 29, 2021, we asked Cantor Ariel Foigel Of Circulo Israelita de Santiago, Chile



For the week of January 22, 2021, we asked Cantor Neil Schwartz and his son Adam from Dothan, AL
The sponsor was Jeff Wainberg from Toronto, who is sponsoring in "honour of my wife, Sheila on her upcoming birthday. All the best, and many more happy years together!"



For the week of January 15, 2021, we asked Cantors Gabriel and Oscar Fleischer of Buenos Aires, Argentina with Ma’ariv by Cantor Mondrow to lead us. Enjoy!
This week’s sponsors are Chuck Bernstein, Bob Braitman, Alan Budman, Creighton Cohn, Steve Dix, Elliot Feldman, Allan Gottesman, Stan Greenspan, Allan Kahan, David Kravitz, Donna Krodman, Norm Kurtz, Alan Lightstone, Zach Mondrow, Meir Niad, Charles Richards, Barry Riesenberg, Jeff Schulman, Benny Sommerfeld, Tom Sudow, Joey Swerdlow, Bob Watts, Eric Weis & Rick Wronzberg



For the week of January 8, 2021, we asked Cantor Marcia Lane of Sons of Israel in Nyack, NY to lead us. Enjoy! Visit the International Kiddush Club https://www.kiddushclub.org This week’s sponsors are Debbie and Rick Wronzberg and family, who are sponsoring this week's Kabbalat Shabbat, "marking the 10th yartzheit of our daughter Alexis on the evening of January 5th (22nd Tevet) [Alexis Shoshana Wronzberg; Chaia Alexandra Shoshana Leah bat Yerachmeal v’ Devorah Hanna.]” Thank you to the Wronzberg family and only good memories.



For the week of January 1, 2021, we asked Cantor Russell Jayne of Beth Tzedec in Calgary, AB to lead us.



For the week of December 25, 2020 , we asked Cantor Naomi Weiss of Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago to lead us.

We had a very special sponsorship this week, Diane and Peter Gotlieb are celebrating their 50th anniversary! I could not believe that they had been married for five decades and expressed my surprise to Peter, who wrote: "Yes, it’s true and she is a bit younger than I. We met in high school when I was a senior and she was a sophomore (not exactly robbing the cradle). I leave the wording up to you guys - I’d like to make the donation to IKC to thank you guys for all that you do all year round for us, especially during the pandemic, as well as for our partners overseas.” Thank you and Mazal Tov to the Gotliebs, two of the nicest people we know!



For the week of December 18, 2020, we asked Cantor Sara Geller of Olney, Maryland to lead us.
Again we have two sponsors, our first for this week, Barry Barnes from Toronto, who is sponsoring in memory of his Dad is Jack Barnes, Yaacov ben Mendel who’s yartzheit is the 29th of Kislev. The second is from Adele and Warren Sufrin are making a donation to FJMC in honor of our older set of twins becoming engaged in the last couple of months. Rena Sufrin became engaged to Tanner Kennedy 2 months ago and will live in Pittsburgh Ilana Sufrin became engaged to Travis Kaufman on Thanksgiving and will live in Brooklyn



For the week of December 11, 2020, we asked Cantor Barbara Haimowitz of Congregation B’nai Jacob in Woodbury, CT to lead us. We have two sponsors again this week, the first, our friend David Weill and his lovely wife Naomi Weiss (who was our very first cantor!) are sponsoring in honour of the 50th anniversary of David’s Bar Mitzvah. Mazal Tov, David! (There will NOT be a Haftorah chanted on Friday night) Our second sponsors are Marsha and Charles Bernstein from Atlanta will be sponsoring in memory of Marcha’s father, Labal ben Shmuel 50th yarzheit on 1 Tevet and her grandfather, Shmuel Chaim ben David 50th yarzheit on 3 Shevat. Yes, her grandfather died 31 days after her father died.



For the week of December 4, 2020, we asked Cantor Jeremy Stein of Congregation Beth Israel Ner Tamid in Milwaukee, WI to lead us.
This week our sponsors are Allan and Caren Gottesman will be sponsoring in memory of Allan's father, Herman Gottesman, Shalom Tzvi Ben Chaim Yisrol 17th yarzheit on the 18 of Kislev & Stan & Vanessa Greenspan and family will be sponsoring in memory of the 62nd yartzheit of Stan's younger brother, Sheldon, Shimon Mendel ben Tzvi, also on the 18 of Kislev.



Kabbalat Shabbat for November 27, 2020, with Hazzan Beny Maissner, Cantor Emeritus at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, ON



Kabbalat Shabbat for November 20, 2020, with Hazzan/Rabbi Jason Van Leeuwen, of Temple B'nai Hayim in Sherman Oaks, CA
This week our sponsors are David and Karen Reifler have sponsored our Kabbalat Shabbat in memory of Sue Kettelhut, Karen's mother who passed away on February 20, 2020.



Kabbalat Shabbat for November 13, 2020, with Hazzan Paula Pepperstone, of Wichita, KS
This week our sponsor is Aaron Altman, in honour of the birth of a granddaughter, Elle Diana Altman, daughter of Michael & Lenore, new sister to brothers Dorian & Jack. Born on November 2, 2020, she is of course beautiful and charming. We wish the entire Altman clan much Nachos and MAZAL!



Kabbalat Shabbat for November 6, 2020, with Cantor Gastón Bogomolni, of Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus, in North Miami Beach Florida
Sponsored by Jason Eidlitz and family of Briarcliff Manor, NY, in honour of the 70th anniversary of our very good friends, Sylvia and Harold Nissen! MAZAL TOV to Sylvia and Harold!



Kabbalat Shabbat for October 30, 2020, with Cantor Elias Rosemberg of Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA.
Sponsored by Don Smith, in honour of his future Kallah, Lianne Eklove on the occasion of Don & Lianne's wedding on Sunday, NOV 1, 2020. SIMAN TOV U'MAZAL TOV!



Kabbalat Shabbat for October 23, 2020, with Cantor Neil Schwartz, spiritual leader at Temple Emanu-El in Dothan, AL.
Sponsored by Sarrae Crane & Rabbi Jonathan Waxman in memory of Jonathan's mother, Dr Ruth Bilgray Waxman



Kabbalat Shabbat with Hazzan Steve Hevenstone for October 16, 2020
Sponsored by Tom Sudow on the 57th yahrzeit of his late mother Gertrude Sudow



Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Jennifer Gorman and Hazzan Zach Mondrow for Shabbat Chag Shmini Chag Atzeret, October 9, 2020 .



Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Jennifer Gorman and Hazzan Zach Mondrow for Shabbat Chag Sukkot, October 2, 2020 .



Kabbalat Shabbat with Hazzan Roitman & Mondrow for Shabbat Shuva, September 25, 2020
Sponsored by Jerry & Estelle Agrest in honour of their 72nd Anniversary which took place on Sept 18.



September 11, 2020: with Cantor Nancy Abramson, Dean of the H. L. Miller Cantorial School at JTS.
The September 11, 2020,
Kabbalat Shabbat was sponsored by Margie Miller, immediate past-president of WLCJ, in memory of her late husband Joel Miller, who perished in WTC #1 on 9/11 and Stan Greenspan and family, immediate past-president of FJMC, in memory of his late father, Harry Greenspan, who's Yartzheit is the 25th of Elul



September 4, 2020 Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Sandy Bernstein of Temple Sholom in Greenwich, CT, with her husband Gaston and daughter Naomi.
The September 4, 2020, Kabbalat Shabbat was sponsored by Allan and Caren Gottesman, in honor of or children and grandchildren and In honor and thank you of our friends at the Cantors Assembly who have made our Kabbalat Shabbat each week truly amazing!



August 28, 2020 Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Heather Batchelor of The Montreal Open Shul in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with her friends Sara Laimon, Benny Winkelman-Batchelor & Toby Kimmelman.



August 21, 2020 Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Marcus Feldman from Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, CA.



August 14, 2020 Kabbalat Shabbat with Cantor Malachi Kanfer from Sutton Place Synagogue, on East 51st Street in Manhattan, NY, NY.



August 7, 2020 Hazzan Bonnie Zakarin from from the Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre in East Rockaway, NY.



July 31, 2020 Hazzan Ofer Barnoy from Temple Beth Sholom in Roslyn Heights, NY



July 24, 2020 Hazzan Zach Mondrow, Detroit MI



July 17, 2020 Hazzan Jen Cohen, from Temple Beth Sholom, Cherry Hill, NJ



July 10, 2020 Hazzan Alan Sokoloff, from Temple Emanuel Of The Pascack Valley



July 3, 2020 Hazzan David Guber, from Toronto, Canada
(no current synagogue)



June 19, 2020 Hazzan Matt Axelrod, from Congregation Beth Israel in Scotch Plains, NJ



June 12, 2020 Hazzan & Hazzan Jackie & Fredda Mendelson, from JTS
and the independent minyan Nachalah in New York, NY https://cantorjackmendelson.com


June 5, 2020 Rabbi Hazzan Dr. Jeffery Myers, from Tree of Life/Or Sameach, Pittsburgh, PA



May 22, 2020 Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro, from Congregation Beth El, Voorhees, NJ



May 15, 2020 Hazzan Ben Matis, from Agudath Achim Congregation in Altoona, PA



May 8, 2020, - Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi, from Anshe Emet Synagogue, Chicago, Illinois



May 1, 2020, - Hazzan Ben Tisser of North Suburban Synagogue Beth El in Highland Park, Illinois



April 24, 2020, - Hazzan Mike Stein from Temple Aliyah in Northridge, CA



April 17, 2020, - Hazzan Zach Mondrow, Detroit, MI