The List

All numbers are referred to as "ths" as in 1 of 5ths. On a shirt, it will be spelled out, followed by "ov" and the shirt will have the number 5 on the back and on the sleves.

0 Alan Budman Dresher, PA
1 Stan Greenspan Toronto, ON
2 Barry Goodnam Forest Hills, NY
3 Larry Weiderhorn Henderson, NV
4 Alan Sussman Charlotte, NC
5 Allan Gottesman Cooper City, FL
6 Thomas Sudow Cleveland, OH
7 Mike Mills Cinninatti, OH
8 Robert Braitman Dover, MA
9 Jeffrey Schulman Edison, NJ
10 Joe Swerdlow Vorhees, NJ
11 Norm Kurtz Chicago, IL
12 Ogie Oglethorpe (AKA Eric Weis) Wayne, NJ
13 David Kravitz Worcester, MA
14 Norm Katz San Diego, CA
15 David Breslau Philadelphia, PA
16 Harold Garnick Toronto, ON
17 Robert Kantor Boca Raton, FL
18 Arnie Miller Boston, MA
19 David Goldis Detroit, MI
20 Mark Druy Boston, MA
21 Alex Romano Northridge, CA
22 Marc Cohen Cherry Hill, NJ
23 Bruce Gordon Annandale, VA
24 Patti Gordon Annandale, VA
25 Gary Smith Cinninatti, OH
27 Al Mervin Thornhill, ON
30 Allan Freedman Thornhill, ON
36 Joanna Dulkin Princeton, NJ
36 Randy Herman Mt. Kisko, NY
36 Penny Suzanne Myers Amherst, NY
36 Alberto Mizrahi Chicago, IL
36 Alisa Pomerantz-Boro Vorhees, NJ
36 David Propis Houston, TX
36 Steve Stoehr Chicago, IL
37 Bob Watts Alexandria, VA
47 Linda Romano Northridge, CA
54 Myles Simpson Agoura Hills, CA
55 Steve Neustein Pittsburgh, PA
56 Ira Ungar Pittsburgh, PA
57 Warren Sufrin Pittsburgh, PA
58 Dan Mandeau Boston, MA
68 Eric Oser Charleston, SC
70 Richard Gray MIT
71 Brian Cynamon Pittsburgh, PA
72 Allan Kahan Silver Spring, MD
75 Elliot Burns Boca Raton, FL
77 Greg Gore Gaithersburg, MD
86 Glenn Hauer (missed by that much) Vernon, CT
88 Paul Davidson Sharon, MA
90 Ed Margolis North Miami Beach, FL
99 Jeffrey Litt St Petersburg, FL
0.08 Michael H. Markovitch Lawrence, NY / NDG
Naomi Weiss Chicago, Il
CaptainRuachov Burt Fischman Chicago, IL
Coachov Steve Davidoff Philadelphia
Evesov Jerry Agrest Chicago, IL
Rabbiov Charles Simon Upper West Side
Lawyerov J. Harold Nissen Scarsdale, NY
R2 Nicole Greenspan Tel Aviv, Israel
Note to Numbers:
Some of you new guys may have thought that you finished when you paid for your shirt, but no, there is more.
One of the responsibilities of being a "number" in the IKC is answering infrequent calls for help.
When called, we act, and do whatever we can to help.