Top 10 Signs You've Spent Too Much Time In Shul

10.Absolutely nothing left to talk about with people who sat near you during Yom Tov.
9.Before opening garage door, a voice in your head says “va ya he bin …”
8.Dry cleaning tab from suits, dresses, kittel and tallis higher than October electric bill.
7.Mistakenly hand train conductor a dollar for the pushka.
6.Instinctively start counting people when you enter room.
5.Show up to work with tallis on.
4.Saying “yasher koach” way too often and out of context.
3.Punctuate coworkers' presentations with “baruch hu baruch shemo
2.Wake up singing verses from Hallel.
1.Craving herring, scotch and sponge cake for breakfast.